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Company Philosophy

MITSUI & CO. MACHINE TECH LTD. plays a vital role in the global strategy of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. as an autonomous subsidiary and aims at building itself as a company which is capable of contributing to both the Japanese economy and international society through the further elaboration of its functions as a trading house specialising in machine tools.

Business Concepts
    1. To win the strong trust of both users and makers by means of responding to their needs and providing satisfactory services for users.
    2. To always practice the spirit of "challenge and creativity" as a group of experts in the industry.
    3. To aim at achieving transparent business management backed by a strong sense of corporate ethics.
    4. To aim at creating a cheerful and open-minded company worth working for.
    5. To realise higher earning power through the execution of the above.

The 21st Century is truly an age of competition for survival. As the domestic economic structure has significantly changed, the ship called Japan appears to be drifting in a huge ocean, trying to determine which port to call at next. MITSUI & CO. MACHINE TECH LTD. as a group of experts perceives the current situation where the deindustrialisation of the Japanese economy resulting in the integration and reorganization of industries is causing grave concern as a business opportunity. We believe that our mission is to create new added values by building the company's strength as well as clear and distinct thinking to fully extend the spirit of "challenge and creativity".
The values produced by a company always change from year to year. Staff members must constantly polish their "sensitivity" and quickly respond to the changes of the times to continually create new values. Needless to say, they constitute the life blood of a company and MITSUI & CO. MACHINE TECH LTD. strives to be a company in which healthy blood is permanently circulating.

A Propitious Day Jan, 2018
Osamu Shinohara President